My Journey...

My Journey...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 Things I Hate The Most

Hate messy things

In this case, I wish to have everything around me alright and under the control. Tidy things will make me comfort and start to think in a good way. Next inspiration is very important to myself to have the improvement myself, therefore it will stating from the tidy effects, and not messy thing.

Hate back stab being

Back stab is the one that I will avoid from the beginning when I found it. As a human being, we does not know how people thinking and perform behind us. That’s was a common natural that everyone had experience it in their life, whether it consciously or opposite. So, I will try to watch and learn everything around me.

Hate coercion

I wish to do a thing that follows my instinct as logically and not to be coercion or push. It will because anything that I do is sincere and perfect. Actually, I learn to listen others advices and accept any decision or instruction that I get in the right way. Therefore, the work that I do will perform very well.

Hate to hypocrite attitude

Refer to myself, I like to react in the natural way and accept any error that I had do and try to changes the attitude that opposite. A person that start to act hypocrite, to me they will not survive in the long period of time in the future. It will effects the relation any communicate people around us to judge in negative looks.

Don’t like snake

Honestly, I really hate with a snake whenever it appear on my site. This is one that I really can’t accept or looks in reality in my life. It will make me feel tingling and nausea one day. That’s was my weakness that I have, even though it was on the same species of snakes.

Hate hot-tempered person

I need a calm life so that it will make me comfort and have a healthy life based on emotional and physically appear. I don’t like to be hurts and also hurts other. It will make me feel askew in my life. Thus, I will avoid this thing from the beginning.

Hate cloudy situation

In this case, I don’t like this kind of problem. It is because will make me feels stress and not argue on anything that I did. It is right if it’s happens once a time, but not in almost the time. If this happens I will find a solution to avoid this from happen again.

Do not last minutes preparation

Honestly, I’m quite easy to anxious on anything that happen suddenly. I will make sure the thing that I did will manage in time and not last minutes. I’m very strict about the work or task that I get, take a responsible to manage it by quickly.

Hate a separation

This thing was I hate most, which will effects my emotionally. The real thing is I can’t separate far away from the person that I love. Just like my family, friends and other that I know. To me it was one of the hurts things that everyone will face, whenever they are actually not agreeing with it. But that’s was the nature.

Hate to be under planning

Everything that I did, almost been plan whether it seriously or incidentally. But those things I like to be done under planning, so that it will be control and not disordered. It is because the things that we plan usually will better that under planning.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 Facts about Myself...

Love to sew
Sew is one of my hobbies that I admit it. I’m one of my families that interest in these things among my family. Thus, I had an experience sew a curtain road by myself. Otherwise, these things are quite fussy but it takes a lot of patience.

Do things by my own
What I mean here, I like to be independent in any things that I want to achieved. More, back to my story, I love to work and get the income from my hard earned. Then, I would like to try and do a things before ask for helping from others.

Hate a separation

Separation is one thing that I hat most, while I have to accept the fact. It’s includes between whether among friends or away from family. This is due to me that hard to accept these things when it real happens suddenly, it makes me feel sad.

A childhood disease

This is the real fact about me, which is when I was born I had a disease which called “ blue baby”. I’m not familiar about this disease as well, because I just been informing when I was adult by my mum. So that I been aware the sacrifice of my parents which hardly care about me from birth.

Love to be friendship

To me friends play an important role in my life. I love to know everyone around, and getting close with them. While, I hard to forget people that I had met. More, without make a friendship I things my daily life is not complete as well.

Love to swimming

Most of the time I had spends on swim, when I had a free time. This activity can make me feel calm every time I spend on it. I love to swim with my brothers, and sometimes with my family members. Furthermore, this is one of the part of my hobbies that was common to me.

Likes to massage

My family always asks me to massage, and they feel comfortable with it. I do not know how comfort it is, but I like to do that things, because it makes me feel close with my family. It was one of the relaxations that I like to do.

Hate rush things

I like to do a thing tolerantly not by rushing. It will affect overall things that I had done in negative way. Moreover, I do not like a clumsy situation in any part of my life. It must be under planning so that it will be clear.

Love child

I love child a lots, because they always makes me feel calm and chill in any situation. They are the one that makes me feel happy when look at them. Especially, baby that newborn which is very cute and it really touches my hearts.

Love to have a pets
Pets is the one that I love the care. I like to preserve a rabbit which is their name is "fluffy". both of them are gray and black in color. They have a cute faces and very lovely with me. I had spend time with them when I go back home. It makes me feel calm wheenever together with them.