My Journey...

My Journey...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Unexpected Experience... we meet again. This time I want to share about my experience after out study from school period. After finished my studying in SPM, I had works in Music Valley, Jaya Jusco…Klang, as a promoter. A lot of things I had experience on the 6 month of period works as a promoter. Working there, make me become more independent and enjoy full with the surrounding environment. In addition, I had meet a lot of friends which is older than me. They like to treat me like a child, but it quite awesome things that left me a lot of sweet memories in present. .

Apart from that, since I’m now in part 3, before this in the time semester break I had works at Burger King Company just nearby my house in Klang. About 2 month I’m starting work there. While it was a short time, but I try to give full commitment on my duty as a client serves there. A lot of things I had learn especially based on practice a good communication among the customer. Furthermore, I had learned on a little bit on management of some organizations, based on my work experience before this.

Honestly, I as well can’t consider that I always get a chance that I also underestimated my own ability. What I was visualized is, I like to attempt before judge something, and then we will get the rewards upcoming. Therefore, I like to convey that gain many experiences that will increase our ability and learn skills that you do not know on something that had done.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Memory of Ramadhan...

Alhamdullilah...we meet again to share the memory of ramadhan. For this month a lot of things had make me impress and learn from the experience, with many things had been explore and memories that will remind in mind forever. It start with,I had learn how to be behave and patient on anything that I'm willing to do. Then, I had found the real meaning of life which had give me a lot of motivation on myself and others.

At the same time, I want to share on fasting month, one class had a trip, to fast break together. It was a really great and sweet moment that I had face in my life. On that time, it really impress me when we had singing time during the bus to go to the college back. The song of aid festival that is just around the corner is very touch me and give a lot of hint memory to be recall. On time, class D3E1 also, had expression of our heart time, to known each other more closed at "Dataran Segamat" on the field. That's really a sweet memory time because it makes me realize many things through my friends.

Next, is on Ramadhan month also, it was my birthday time which is on 26 Ogos on thursday. For the early time I had a quite hard experience on that day but behind of this my friends make me impress a lot, especially when they surprise my birthday party on saturday at Marrybrown in Segamat which I had a really sweet moment and appreciate it a lot. To my roomate, Zara and Diana, I luv you all a lot. Nevertheless, to all my friends that had been wish and give a support
to me all the time.That's is really nice experience that I ever had with a very little time given in Ramadhan. Wish to have a gud life and bless gurney in my life. Don't ever forget me...n support me. "Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin" to all my contact friends and mar...luv u all

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Roomate...

Here we meet again, 8 Ogos i would like to talk about my roomate for this semester.
i stay at Zamrud college, which room no. z020d, partner with fourth chill people that i had ever meet. Hence, that my roomate is Noor Syazwani (adik), Ain Diyana (ain) and the last one is Haslinda (as)...For this sem. i stay with my classmates which is ain. It's quiet good if having a work partner together. What i want to share is how long i have known them in this time by personally.

For "adik", her character is quiet different,she is very comfortable person in any situasion. Everything that she had done will have an ending. while "as" is a very cool person and chill on time. She never say's "no" for everything. The last but not least is ain, she is a available type of person and is a easy going person on anytime. Always be happy and non-stop person...The most interesting about us is, we all have the same hobbies, which is like to have a cute bear with a nice name been given...I luv u all, and will remind all of the sweet memories that's face together all this time...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Begin as a Senior

New semester begins, with new intention, inspiration and situation but still with the same place. Semester by semester will be a little bit change, for every body, including me. This semester, I am part 3 students, in semester 3. It makes me a little bit being a senior. This is because, in this semester, I have junior who are part 1 students.For the my junior I had called her as "adik", which is very young in attitude. That's nice to meet her as well just like my own sis. Being a senior have some interesting part which is we are not compulsory to join every single activities that held from any club, for example, Annual Grand Meeting. It makes me not too tighten with that activity. So that, I can arrange my assignment to do, homework, and time to study to make sure I spend my time precisely. It also gives me enough time to rest. All the activities are concentrating on part 1 and part 2 students. So that, I just only appreciate every single minutes that I have to complete my assignment and preparing my studies.

Other than that, when being a senior, all juniors, will respect us. At this time, I can see that my juniors will show their respect to me by smiling and saying “Hi akak”. It makes me calm that day, even thought at that time I am not in the right mood. It helps me to reduce my pressure. It reduces my negative feelings to some juniors that rude to their seniors. Once a junior respects seniors, they will get what they pay off. Same with me, if their respect me as a senior, I will respect them back. Shows some respect is not lose anything.
Move to my rooms. In my rooms, I am a senior to my roommates. Means that, I should guide her to do what is the correct one. Do not make it wrong okay. It not means that I am controlling every single thing that she wants to do. I just can not let it go because she is a new student, in new place and new condition. She needs some advice and guidance from me. So, I as a senior must show my responsible to her.