My Journey...

My Journey...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~World of Anakku~


Here we meet again,,,
*skang iza nk story sal

~World of Anakku~

...letih tetap apy sllu...
...agak2 muat ot baju2 kt bakang uh, klu iza pakai...
...adeks ku, aisyah...bufday gurl...
...promote tuh...hahahak!
...haiii+ elllo smua...


Here we met again,,,
*skang iza nk story sal sem. break, iza part time at anakku...
such a great time n experience...yahuuu...
*boring dok rumah, da abiz ternak lemak, keje jap...
luaz pdngn...
*tiap2 ary jmpe Baby2 yg tomel2 giler...
n 1 thing yg x thn klu jmpe yg petah berckp, smpi pecah perot dwatnyerh...
*btw, tuh smua be a swet memory...n now sape2 yg nk khusu ngan ku sal lipat bju baby,,,hak! meh dtg jmpe, compom teral!!!
*kenal ngan rmi org, jmpe cm2 ragam customer...n behave myself
*gud learn n doakn iza b'jaya tok smua skle k...(@_@)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sem. break dtg g!!!!!

~ayong n along berangan nk jde pengantin g skle...!!!!
~my luv credit...
~balek sudeh...!!!
~yg ney kahwin kak ila lak...!!!
~kesian pengantin kne berarak jauh...!!!
huhu, kne dera senarnyer ney...
~poto kahwin kak lin...
~kesian kne reging beh besan!!!
~camat pengantin baru...!!!


*Kali ney punye cute x d wt pape...keje pon stat lmbt,
ternak lemak jap...hahaha

*Then, byk g kenduri kahwin...rgnkn tgn neyh tlg,
mklm la, ary ney diorang, t sye pule...aceh3x!!!

*Then, g lepak ngan member2 n kuar wit sdre mare...
karoke+wayang+boling+mandi mande...n byk g,,,

*Best gak dpt luangkn mase ngan close frenz n family,
asyik BERKERJAYA jer,
stp kale cute sem. n now opposite view lak..let's try!!!

*Part time job tp2 ary tlg mak kms rmh n msk yg mne patut, rye aji kali ney x blek kg. tp dok layan tetamu yg dtg umah jer lh...

*Sebelum msok sem. blek jom kite bergimba ramba lu,,,t--------t

Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 Things I Hate The Most

Hate messy things

In this case, I wish to have everything around me alright and under the control. Tidy things will make me comfort and start to think in a good way. Next inspiration is very important to myself to have the improvement myself, therefore it will stating from the tidy effects, and not messy thing.

Hate back stab being

Back stab is the one that I will avoid from the beginning when I found it. As a human being, we does not know how people thinking and perform behind us. That’s was a common natural that everyone had experience it in their life, whether it consciously or opposite. So, I will try to watch and learn everything around me.

Hate coercion

I wish to do a thing that follows my instinct as logically and not to be coercion or push. It will because anything that I do is sincere and perfect. Actually, I learn to listen others advices and accept any decision or instruction that I get in the right way. Therefore, the work that I do will perform very well.

Hate to hypocrite attitude

Refer to myself, I like to react in the natural way and accept any error that I had do and try to changes the attitude that opposite. A person that start to act hypocrite, to me they will not survive in the long period of time in the future. It will effects the relation any communicate people around us to judge in negative looks.

Don’t like snake

Honestly, I really hate with a snake whenever it appear on my site. This is one that I really can’t accept or looks in reality in my life. It will make me feel tingling and nausea one day. That’s was my weakness that I have, even though it was on the same species of snakes.

Hate hot-tempered person

I need a calm life so that it will make me comfort and have a healthy life based on emotional and physically appear. I don’t like to be hurts and also hurts other. It will make me feel askew in my life. Thus, I will avoid this thing from the beginning.

Hate cloudy situation

In this case, I don’t like this kind of problem. It is because will make me feels stress and not argue on anything that I did. It is right if it’s happens once a time, but not in almost the time. If this happens I will find a solution to avoid this from happen again.

Do not last minutes preparation

Honestly, I’m quite easy to anxious on anything that happen suddenly. I will make sure the thing that I did will manage in time and not last minutes. I’m very strict about the work or task that I get, take a responsible to manage it by quickly.

Hate a separation

This thing was I hate most, which will effects my emotionally. The real thing is I can’t separate far away from the person that I love. Just like my family, friends and other that I know. To me it was one of the hurts things that everyone will face, whenever they are actually not agreeing with it. But that’s was the nature.

Hate to be under planning

Everything that I did, almost been plan whether it seriously or incidentally. But those things I like to be done under planning, so that it will be control and not disordered. It is because the things that we plan usually will better that under planning.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 Facts about Myself...

Love to sew
Sew is one of my hobbies that I admit it. I’m one of my families that interest in these things among my family. Thus, I had an experience sew a curtain road by myself. Otherwise, these things are quite fussy but it takes a lot of patience.

Do things by my own
What I mean here, I like to be independent in any things that I want to achieved. More, back to my story, I love to work and get the income from my hard earned. Then, I would like to try and do a things before ask for helping from others.

Hate a separation

Separation is one thing that I hat most, while I have to accept the fact. It’s includes between whether among friends or away from family. This is due to me that hard to accept these things when it real happens suddenly, it makes me feel sad.

A childhood disease

This is the real fact about me, which is when I was born I had a disease which called “ blue baby”. I’m not familiar about this disease as well, because I just been informing when I was adult by my mum. So that I been aware the sacrifice of my parents which hardly care about me from birth.

Love to be friendship

To me friends play an important role in my life. I love to know everyone around, and getting close with them. While, I hard to forget people that I had met. More, without make a friendship I things my daily life is not complete as well.

Love to swimming

Most of the time I had spends on swim, when I had a free time. This activity can make me feel calm every time I spend on it. I love to swim with my brothers, and sometimes with my family members. Furthermore, this is one of the part of my hobbies that was common to me.

Likes to massage

My family always asks me to massage, and they feel comfortable with it. I do not know how comfort it is, but I like to do that things, because it makes me feel close with my family. It was one of the relaxations that I like to do.

Hate rush things

I like to do a thing tolerantly not by rushing. It will affect overall things that I had done in negative way. Moreover, I do not like a clumsy situation in any part of my life. It must be under planning so that it will be clear.

Love child

I love child a lots, because they always makes me feel calm and chill in any situation. They are the one that makes me feel happy when look at them. Especially, baby that newborn which is very cute and it really touches my hearts.

Love to have a pets
Pets is the one that I love the care. I like to preserve a rabbit which is their name is "fluffy". both of them are gray and black in color. They have a cute faces and very lovely with me. I had spend time with them when I go back home. It makes me feel calm wheenever together with them.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Classmates

Abdul Qayyum~

What can I say about Qayyum is, he is a soft action person. He likes to do a thing by alone. While, he always came late to the class, but he is a person that expect to be changes at times. Qayyum is a smart good looking guy, which always manner in dress up. Most of the time, he quite sporting guy that can ask to mix together.


What can I say about Mira is, she is a good attitude and urbane girl. Mira have a nice smile with her little cute person. She is friendly with everyone surrounding. She is a easy going person that, simple to compromise with him mostly.


What can I say about my lovely class rep, Ponti is she is energetic and caliber person. Why her nick name is “Ponti” is because the whole class also agree that she like to laugh like vampire, but its spontaneous…hehe, just a joke. Her real name is Anisawati. She is a strict person in doing her job. She is stylish girl and has a cute faces when she smiles.


What can I say about Arsyad is, he is a generous type of person. He like to assist people when in mess. His nick name is “Mabat” and real name is Ersyazuddin. Acad is severe with the work that he obtains. He is responsible person that can be optimistic.


What can I say about Ku is, she have a nice and cute faces. She love to wear a contact lens, which makes her more become have a fierce eyes. Ku is a sensitive person, which sometimes look cute when she acts like child. She has a loud voice when she spoke, and I like when she speaking louder. While she always call me “akak iza”, so that I also called her as an “adek ku”, that’s was fun to me.


What can I say about Naqib is, he is a very hyper active guy, which always not take a serious things at all on anything happen. Narqib is a nice guy which always makes me laugh every time when we chat together. He also is interesting guy that always make a surround become happening. What I remind about him is, for the first night of eid festive, he call me to apologize with me and that’s was a honest things that I might thing that he was a humble person.


What can I say about Zul is, he is a very strict person which I had consider he just like my older brother. He was attack guy which is always be cool in anytime. Zul are soft spoken person that I had visible. While, he is that kind of person that I thing, but it was really nice when have a talk with her, because he always make a spontaneous joke that make me comfort with her. That is what the interesting about him.


What can I say about Perot is, he is a guy that never bother about something that happen or what people say about him. I like to say that Perot like to tease people around him, which he is a sociable person. More, Perot have a credibility and responsible on his task given. It because as I know he was a JPK in college, so that it show that he have a leadership nature itself. I relax and enjoy when talk with him, because he is a sporting man.


What can I say about Bub is, he like to do business in his life. Bub is a cool person, but sometimes looks strict and serious person. Bub have a greater confident when facing with public. That is interesting things about him. While, he like to tease people, sometimes make he become chill and different person if others don’t know who he is exactly.


What can I say about arif is, he already become a smart looking person than before. I like the way he changes right now, and hope it will be permanent. All of the classes call her as a “tutu”, and I don’t familiar the reason why it occur. But that’s was funny nick name that he get from the senior, as I know. More, arif is a independent guy and interest on graphic design and that’s why he are appointed to become an Exco in multimedia in our courses.


What can I say about Bihah is, she is a talkative girl which I like the way she speak. Bihah looks like a Chinese, but the appearance makes she like a truth Malay girl, because she like to wear a blouse or baju kurung at time. Hehe…Bihah is also a debater which has a great idea and laugh voice and the most things is, lecturer always attack her. It never hurt me, and she is a polite girl.


What can I say about Nad is, she is a sporting girl actually. It easy to be with her, because she is a very caring person. Whenever had a problem, I like to inform with her, because she is a good listener. Tall and slim is her outlook, and have a nice smile on her faces. More, Nad is a humble girl and that’s the special thing about her.


What can I say about Finaz is, I call her as a “penut”, and she is cute person. I can consider her as my sister, because she had a motherly nature on itself. That was what I feel. Hehe…Then, Finaz is an easy going type of person, which make me comfort with her. The thing that I remind about her is, she is a caring person which help me a lot especially when I sick. That is a special memory between me and Finaz this long.


What can I say about Acu is, she is a brave and spontaneous girl that I meet. She always looks cool and makes a funny thing. While, it sometimes a little bit clumsy, but I like the way she is. Acu doesn’t like people call her as “Asma”, and I don’t familiar the reason it is. That’s makes me remind about her for the first time I meet her among others.


What can I say about Apiz is, she is a relax girl and cool. She likes to make fun with the little outlook. When she spoke, it always makes me laugh because of the spontaneous things that she had. Our name just similar, that’s the thing that I easy to remind her.


What can I is say about Mira is, she is independent girl with high confident. She likes a challenges thing. Ika has a nice looks and cute, I feel. We been a sweet times together. I comfort to share almost anything with her, because she is a good listener. Whenever, she looks strict and not easy to see she smile, but its wrong when I know her close.


What can I express about Ain is, she is a stylish and simple person that I had meet. She is a easy going type of person. More, she quite sporting and not sensitive at all. Specially, Ain was my roommate, and hopefully will be stay until grad. Ain always be frank and honest on what she passes. She is a brave person and spoiled person..Hehe..that’s what I love about her.


What can I say about Mia is, she is a soft spoken girl, and difficult to hear her voice in a class. Mia is quite mysterious girl, that she always look cool and relax whenever anything happen. She is polite and talkative girl, that what I feel about Mia.


What can I say about Diyana is, I like to call her Beyonce a.k.a Hana..hahaha…don’t get mad. She doesn’t like that nick name. She is talkative and strict person whenever she gets a task. I like to hangout with her, because she very sporting, and smooth girl. With her, I like to share a lot of things until we get damn crazy to talk at the end. Diyana is a attractive girl and easy going with her.


What can I say about Shiera is, brave and funny girl. While it so hard to hear her voice, but when she talk its spontaneous make me laugh. We always go back to Klang together with Wawa. Share a lot of things and interesting to know her.


What can I say about Zara is, she is a sporting and brave person. We love to hangout together and she is a spontaneous funny girl actually. For the first time, my response on her is wrong, because it’s interesting to know her more close. She is a good listener and serious on what task she get. She easy brings to talk and full of ideas on something. Since, that’s a lot of memory had been together, and that’s what I like about Zara.


What can I say about Fatin is, she tall and have a nice skin. Fatin are not talkative, but it easy to communicate with her. She sporting whenever have something, that need her helping. I remind her as a “labis girl”..Haha…more, she like to praise others.


What can I say about Wawa is, she has a small body and cute faces. While, she are little but she was a independent girl and can be trusted. Wawa is a soft spoken girl and always be polite. She quite mature and strict on whatever she doing.


What can I say about Che’ah is, she is fashionable and small girl. Her real name is Fashiehah. What I know about Che’ah is, she loves to hear crazy types of songs that make me unbelief with her. She is cool and relax person. She always wear scarf and skinny jeans go to the class.


What can I say about Nus is, she is brave and independent person. She likes to lead and have a spirit guide, because she is a serious person. While, she is not a sensitive person, which don’t care about people talk about her. But, internally Nus are the soft heart and mature faces.


What can I say about Shabi is, she is very cute girl with a little outlook. I like to tease her whenever we meet. I consider her just like my sisters, because her faces just similar to my sisters. Shabi likes to travel and she friendly with everyone around her.


What can I say about Sha is, she likes to talk in Kedah words. She is soft spoken girl and sometimes a little bit nervous. What I respect about her is she doesn’t take seriously whenever people talk about her. Being relaxed and sporting is what I like about her. She is the first friends that I meet, among others classmates.

Siti Nuraisyah~

What can I say about Siti is, she is very nice and stylish person. She likes to make a joke, which makes me laugh on time. Siti are not hypocrite, she always be herself. More, she have a strong confident and independent.


What can I say about Soleha is, she is an intelligence and multi tasked person. I call her as “sokso”. She is funny and not hypocrite person. More, she likes to praise others. I like the way she laugh, because she has a great smile.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Unexpected Experience... we meet again. This time I want to share about my experience after out study from school period. After finished my studying in SPM, I had works in Music Valley, Jaya Jusco…Klang, as a promoter. A lot of things I had experience on the 6 month of period works as a promoter. Working there, make me become more independent and enjoy full with the surrounding environment. In addition, I had meet a lot of friends which is older than me. They like to treat me like a child, but it quite awesome things that left me a lot of sweet memories in present. .

Apart from that, since I’m now in part 3, before this in the time semester break I had works at Burger King Company just nearby my house in Klang. About 2 month I’m starting work there. While it was a short time, but I try to give full commitment on my duty as a client serves there. A lot of things I had learn especially based on practice a good communication among the customer. Furthermore, I had learned on a little bit on management of some organizations, based on my work experience before this.

Honestly, I as well can’t consider that I always get a chance that I also underestimated my own ability. What I was visualized is, I like to attempt before judge something, and then we will get the rewards upcoming. Therefore, I like to convey that gain many experiences that will increase our ability and learn skills that you do not know on something that had done.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Memory of Ramadhan...

Alhamdullilah...we meet again to share the memory of ramadhan. For this month a lot of things had make me impress and learn from the experience, with many things had been explore and memories that will remind in mind forever. It start with,I had learn how to be behave and patient on anything that I'm willing to do. Then, I had found the real meaning of life which had give me a lot of motivation on myself and others.

At the same time, I want to share on fasting month, one class had a trip, to fast break together. It was a really great and sweet moment that I had face in my life. On that time, it really impress me when we had singing time during the bus to go to the college back. The song of aid festival that is just around the corner is very touch me and give a lot of hint memory to be recall. On time, class D3E1 also, had expression of our heart time, to known each other more closed at "Dataran Segamat" on the field. That's really a sweet memory time because it makes me realize many things through my friends.

Next, is on Ramadhan month also, it was my birthday time which is on 26 Ogos on thursday. For the early time I had a quite hard experience on that day but behind of this my friends make me impress a lot, especially when they surprise my birthday party on saturday at Marrybrown in Segamat which I had a really sweet moment and appreciate it a lot. To my roomate, Zara and Diana, I luv you all a lot. Nevertheless, to all my friends that had been wish and give a support
to me all the time.That's is really nice experience that I ever had with a very little time given in Ramadhan. Wish to have a gud life and bless gurney in my life. Don't ever forget me...n support me. "Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin" to all my contact friends and mar...luv u all

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Roomate...

Here we meet again, 8 Ogos i would like to talk about my roomate for this semester.
i stay at Zamrud college, which room no. z020d, partner with fourth chill people that i had ever meet. Hence, that my roomate is Noor Syazwani (adik), Ain Diyana (ain) and the last one is Haslinda (as)...For this sem. i stay with my classmates which is ain. It's quiet good if having a work partner together. What i want to share is how long i have known them in this time by personally.

For "adik", her character is quiet different,she is very comfortable person in any situasion. Everything that she had done will have an ending. while "as" is a very cool person and chill on time. She never say's "no" for everything. The last but not least is ain, she is a available type of person and is a easy going person on anytime. Always be happy and non-stop person...The most interesting about us is, we all have the same hobbies, which is like to have a cute bear with a nice name been given...I luv u all, and will remind all of the sweet memories that's face together all this time...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Begin as a Senior

New semester begins, with new intention, inspiration and situation but still with the same place. Semester by semester will be a little bit change, for every body, including me. This semester, I am part 3 students, in semester 3. It makes me a little bit being a senior. This is because, in this semester, I have junior who are part 1 students.For the my junior I had called her as "adik", which is very young in attitude. That's nice to meet her as well just like my own sis. Being a senior have some interesting part which is we are not compulsory to join every single activities that held from any club, for example, Annual Grand Meeting. It makes me not too tighten with that activity. So that, I can arrange my assignment to do, homework, and time to study to make sure I spend my time precisely. It also gives me enough time to rest. All the activities are concentrating on part 1 and part 2 students. So that, I just only appreciate every single minutes that I have to complete my assignment and preparing my studies.

Other than that, when being a senior, all juniors, will respect us. At this time, I can see that my juniors will show their respect to me by smiling and saying “Hi akak”. It makes me calm that day, even thought at that time I am not in the right mood. It helps me to reduce my pressure. It reduces my negative feelings to some juniors that rude to their seniors. Once a junior respects seniors, they will get what they pay off. Same with me, if their respect me as a senior, I will respect them back. Shows some respect is not lose anything.
Move to my rooms. In my rooms, I am a senior to my roommates. Means that, I should guide her to do what is the correct one. Do not make it wrong okay. It not means that I am controlling every single thing that she wants to do. I just can not let it go because she is a new student, in new place and new condition. She needs some advice and guidance from me. So, I as a senior must show my responsible to her.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My subjects for this semester...

In this new semester of July to November, I was in part 3 and take Information Management course. By this course I had taking about seven subjects. They are divided followed by their code and name. For the first subject, IMD 201 that is called Access to Information, IMD 202 Promotion of Information Products and Services, IMD 203 Support Services and Maintenance, IMD 255 Technical Support and Services in Information Agencies. All these subjects are much related to our course. Next, is about another 4 subjects, they are BEL311 the name is English for academic purpose.CTU 264,stand for Islamic Information Management, and for co-curriculum subject is HPD117,stand for Intellectual Discourse.

Besides that, each of the subjects has a lecturer that teaches for the subject. For IMD201 the lecturer is En. Muhammad Ismail bin Pahmi. He is friendly person. When in the class he likes to ask question to the students, before he starts the learning.While, Puan Rashidah binti Mohamed,she is softly and kind-hearted person. For IMD203 is Miss Siti Nuur-ila binti Mat Kamal, She also friendly and funny person. She is the youngest lecturer that teach in my class. Full of energy and give a lot of inspred to us. More, IMD 255 is Puan Nor Diana. She is kind-hearted and caring person. She would ask the students who cannot understand before she proceed the lecture. Next, BEL 311 is En. Izuan Ismail. He is strict and punctuality person but he likes to give an advice to student. At the same time, he is a systematic and efficient person especially on make a class timetable flow well.

Futhermore, for CTU 264 is Ustaz Saidin. He is a funny person. In the class, he likes to make fun and laughter to students to make sure that it’s achieve her objective. Lastly, for HPD117 the lecturer is Mr. Muruga Chiniah. He an Indian culture but very compromising with others and sporting. In class, he likes to smile and make us laugh always. My opinion about all this subject is some of the subject related with the course. For example, for all the subject with the code of IMD. Although, there still have some content that related, but then, there have some content did not relate to the topic. We need to finds about the knowledge of the topic by our self from other sources. We also can indicate some of the topic that we cannot understands enough. As a student, we need to manage our assignment and works very well. I need to be more alert of everything that came out or any take fast feedback on something. That’s is real campus life that I have to faces.

Other than that, our course is not based on theory only, but I also having a practical at the same time. For example, for the subject of IMD 203, Support Services and Maintenance. From this subject, I had learn about the component of the PC computer. Another example is, by subject IMD 201, I had learn about how to get the information by searching the right sources. The place that contains the information and how to use it properly is what I learn by this subject. Furthermore, here are the subject that I like to share. The subject that I like, for this semester is the co-curriculum subject, that is HPD117 Intellectual Discourse. It is because, is the simple subject and easy to understand. When the time for the class, it contain many of the games for students, so it is not boring class. The lecturer is also sporting and likes to take picture on every games that been done.

The subject that I dislike is IMD203,Support Services and Maintenance. This is because the subject is too many about component computer, so I have to remember all that and need to practice. But the lecturer, know how to make us understand very well. My first expectations about all of the subjects are really tough. Especially for the subject that doesn’t have the final examination. There is the subject that not easy to understand, I have to struggle and study hard to make sure my pointer been increases semester by semester. That is my target and not all the subjects is easy to understand, so as the student I have to ask and related with my own words, when I do not understand what I have learned about. This will help me, to improve my study skills. I hope for the final semester I will get answer the final examination easy and properly and also can become the best student.

Otherwise, what I wanted to shared is about credit hours for those subjects that I had taken. Firstly, for the subject IMD 201, IMD 202, IMD 203, IMD 255, BEL 311 is three credit hours. Overall totally, is about eighteen credit hours that I had taken for this semester included CTU 264, which is two credit hour and HPD 117 (co-curriculum). While, there are about four hard core subjects, but then I really enjoyed studying in this course. Why the reason I choose this course is because, I critically think that in our daily life we need to gain relative information and known how to manage it properly. At the same time know to interpret it in correct ways. Not only that, but there are a lot of interest things that I will learn such as in IT, record management and communication skills which overall will upgrade myself in future.

In this case, went I talk about communication skills, it’s related to my BEL subject which learn from En. Izuan Ismail. In her teaching skills, it’s quite different by others lecturer, because on my opinion he try to used a lot of technique in transfer the meaning. In other words, he doesn’t used a text book hundred per cent on her lecture hour. To me, it’s very interesting to other subject to do the same way. That's the best thing...tq. for everything...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I came back to UiTM, Segamat Johor after having a sem. break...about 2 months~Now i'm in part 3 in coz Dip. in Info. usual more challenges and works been given, while its quite busy...but that is real life that hav 2 face every sem...huhu~thats was my 1st time having fourth person in bed...the most surprize is I get romate with my clazmate Ain Diyana,,,which is a activ person n funny all the time(@_@) far so gud with my study...enjoy+feels this sem...stat 2 set a target,,,erm learn a lot of back my frenz after this lect. name for the Bel 311 is~Sir. Izwan...I take 7 subjects for this semester...hope get score overall~